Coaching & Consulting

My clients receive financial counseling and financial tools that aim to encourage healthy, productive communication with employers and family around money and finances.

I also guide you through the process of understanding your money values in order to help you build a legacy for your family.

One on One
Personalized Money and Investment Coaching

My one-on-one money and investment coaching programs follow best practices in financial planning.

Each program is tailored for the specific issues or concerns of the client, and takes into account the client's money history with the end goal being to help the client make more confident long-term personal finance decisions.

Corporate Consulting
Financial Wellness

Wiser Wealth believes that financial wellness is a cornerstone in employee retention at every level of an organization, and a “must provide” benefit to high performing management.

We help HR professionals, psychologists and corporate coaches build Financial Wellness programs that include tailored content delivered online as well as in person one on one consulting for key employees.

My Philosophy

My philosophy is that while everyone needs to have a core financial plan and strategy in place to meet financial goals, most anyone is capable of managing their own investments over the long term.

As a fee-based consulting and coaching service, with a zero-commission, zero-conflict of interest policy, I will also help you hold those involved with your investments accountable.