Featured image credit to: The Wrap Are you ‘shocked’ by the Harvey Weinstein scandal? I’m not. I’m shocked something wasn’t said sooner, say when the pedophile documentary came out all but fingering one of the founders of BitCoin and his Hollywood power circle. That’s right all you BitCoin lovers, know what you are supporting. But I’m absolutely not shocked that some Hollywood …


Six Reasons Millennials Will Be The Wealthiest Investing Generation in History

While much has been made of *Millennials and what they will or will not become, this generation already has attributes that will make them very successful long term investors. As someone who spends hours understanding individual clients, what I have seen through my practice is completely at odds with all the bad press Millennials get. …

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Can My Child Learn to Invest If I am Financially Illiterate?

Featured image credit: When talking and teaching Investment 101 to women, I can bet with about 100% certainty that someone in the audience will ask how to get children started down the road to saving and investing. I always respond, “Once you learn, and put what I teach you today into practice, you can show …

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Dear College Student

Dear College Student, Welcome to my virtual dinner table. I’m going to give you one simple piece of advice for your financial future that will matter way more than your ACT/SAT score, your GPA, your admission essay and whatever university you did or did not get into. It will matter more than where you fall …

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Farewell My Macaron

I can get a feel for financial market trends based on the lines at macaroon stores. The 2015/2016 Macaroon Trend tells me Asia is hunkering down for a multi-year recession (unless Sugar Daddy Xi Jinping saves us with a trillion dollar spending spree on SE Asia infrastructure). Certainly I’m seeing a consistent trend of slashed …

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Teens Crush Hedge Funds – Who’s The Chump Now?

Every two years I write about a portfolio that my two teenagers constructed when they were just tweens, and here’s the link to the original article. We are revisiting that portfolio one last time and sharing the performance. The total returns as of January 31, 2016 are 108% over 5 years or 15.85% yoy returns and you can …

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