A Gift
of Time

Do you have a loved one that is struggling with finances or who has been unable to confront money issues confidently?

A Gift of Time let’s you buy a loved one an hour of Client-Centric Financial Counseling which is free of conflict and product promotion.

Whether this is a loved one struggling to find their financial footing, a new graduate who wants to feel “up to speed” with their finances or a friend that could benefit from a third party perspective, Client-Centric Financial Counseling is a gift that will help an individual feel more grounded in their own financial world.

Wiser Wealth’s A Gift of Time is an hour of consultation, and the client will be given specific tools to help guide them to financial stability and security.


Gift of Time

S$200 / HR


Gift of Time

S$250 / HR

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Online consultation: S$200 / hour
In-person consultation: $250 / hour

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